Everything You Need to Know About Squats

Check any fitness blog and between articles on the best high protein nutrition bars and secrets for the perfect workout, and you'll probably see dozens of entries about squats. In the past few years, squats have become an incredibly popular exercise in the fitness world, thanks to their ability to engage multiple parts of the body and give them a strenuous and effective workout. Squatting is a movement that puts many of your muscles to work. Incorporating weights into the exercise makes it even more effective. Regular squatting improves your fitness and mobility, and can help counter many of the musculo-skeletal problems our sedentary society has caused, including back problems and weakened glutes. In fact, the ability to do a squat is a good indicator of your physical fitness. People who can perform a full depth squat with their own bodyweight are generally in good shape.

The Quick Guide to Squatting

It's important to do squats properly, as bad form can result in you not getting the full benefit of the exercise, or may even cause injury. There are several variations to the squat, but here's a quick guide to properly executing basic squats:

  1. Begin by facing the bar. Grab it firmly, and then place it on your upper back by ducking under the bar.
  2. Un-rack the weight by moving your feet under the bar, and then straightening your legs. Now step back with straight legs, and lock your hips and knees.
  3. Now squat. Take a deep breath and move downward, pushing out your knees while moving your hips backward. You'll need to keep your lower back neutral while doing this.
  4. Keep squatting downward until your hips are below your knees.
  5. Once you've achieved proper depth, move upward. Be sure to breathe, and keep your knees out and your chest up as you ascend.

Exercise experts counsel doing squats three times a week, with a day's rest between each session. Beginners should start with a single set of 15 to 20 reps. Overtime, increase the number of sets to two or three. When you've mastered the basic squat, you can try more complex variations of the squat using dumbbells. Nutritional bars What You've Accomplished

Feel the results of your work after a good squat session? If executed properly, a squat workout has engaged a variety of muscles, including those in your thighs, calves, lower back, abs, and arms. Squats are also helpful for getting blood pumping to your heart and providing this all-important muscle with a good workout. As any trainer will tell you, exercise alone isn't enough to realize the fitness gains you desire. Good nutrition is also a key component of getting into shape. Protein is an important part of a fitness enthusiast's meal plan, as it helps rebuild muscle after a workout. Deficiencies in protein increase your risk of injury, and also can weaken your immune system. Promax Nutrition provides top quality nutritional bars. Promax Nutrition bars have a variety of great flavors and are a great nutritional supplement for body-builders and casual exercise enthusiasts alike.

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