Eight Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so skimping on it simply isn't an option. To stay in good health and to get into optimal shape, eating a good breakfast each day is a must. This can be difficult if you have to hit the ground running each day – getting kids to school or clocking in early at work. Luckily, there are many great options for a quick and healthy breakfast, including nutritional bars and shakes and more traditional fare. For the on-the-go breakfaster, consider these quick and healthy ideas:
  • Smoothies – Smoothies are full of great nutrients and are easy to make. There are also hundreds of options for smoothies, so you'll never get tired of them. By making your smoothies using fruits and vegetables, you can ensure that you get all of the vitamins and other nutrients you'll need.
  • Healthy cereals – Cereal doesn't require any cooking and can easily be put in a travel-ready container. Eschew the sugary cereal products for healthy grain cereals. Add a little flavor by adding fruit or nuts to the cereal or have a little yogurt.
  • Muffins – Not all muffins are healthy, but there are some that are very nutritionally sound. Do your research and come up with a muffin recipe that's both good and good for you. Wheat germ muffins are an excellent source of vitamin E.
  • Strawberries – Fresh strawberries can be eaten alone or used to top cereal. They're an excellent plant-based source of protein and they also taste fantastic. Strawberries go well with bananas, another nutrient rich breakfast option.
  • Yogurt – A great-tasting and convenient breakfast option, yogurt is quite healthy and has a lot of great nutrients. Add walnuts or other nuts for even more nutritional benefits.
  • Shakes – Protein shakes are easy to make, highly portable, and won't make a mess in your car. They're great for an early morning energy boost and provide a tasty breakfast option.
Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  • Vegan chia bread – This delicious, all-natural option is a great on-the-go breakfast food. Add some healthy protein by spreading a little peanut butter on the bread for a healthy breakfast.
  • Protein energy bars – The very same bars you eat to recover after a workout also make an excellent early morning breakfast option. Convenient and easy to eat in the car or office, protein energy bars make a fantastically delicious and healthy breakfast option.
Eating breakfast is important to maintaining your metabolism and having sufficient energy for the day. One of the most important things you can do when preparing a quick breakfast is to ensure that you get a little protein with your meal. Protein is critical for healthy immune system function, healing and muscle development, among other functions. If you're an exercise enthusiast, you know that not getting enough protein can hinder your efforts to build muscle size and strength. Promax Nutrition provides top quality vegetarian protein workout bars to exercise enthusiasts. Sold in a variety of flavors and formulations, Promax Nutrition's energy bars are a smart supplement for anyone's diet, particularly people working to get in shape.
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