Everything you need to know about Hot Yoga

You have probably done Yoga but have you ever tried Hot Yoga? Hot Yoga adds a whole new level of difficulty along with the benefits of detoxification, flexibility, de-stressing, and more. If you have never tried hot yoga and want to give it a try here are some tips to prepare for Hot Yoga.

How to prepare:
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. You will be able to drink while you are in the class but it is important to already be hydrated before you get in to the sauna. If you tend to eat something before you work out, continue that trend in order to not get dizzy while you work out.

What to Wear:
The more fitted, the better. Wear fabric that is or closely related to the spandex family. When your clothes feel more like a second skin, you won't even notice when they are wet, and you can focus more of your practice or does poses go here.

What to bring:
A water bottle. Most studios will have everything you need for rent.

What to expect:
You will be doing yoga in 90-105 degrees, you're going to sweat.

How to recover:
Once the class is over, sit outside and let your body temperature cool down. Treat yourself to a cool shower and drink at least 32oz of water and electrolytes. Things to be aware of: While hot yoga is great for some people it can also not be the right exercise for you. 

  • Your body temperature rises and you can stretch deeper into poses but it is important to not push yourself to hard. You could injure yourself by forcing yourself into joint-heavy poses.
  • As you sweat, vitamins exit your body leaving you dehydrated.
  • Having to focus on your breathing and balance makes it more difficult.
  • Hot yoga can make people dizzy and nauseated.
As always, people with back, neck, or shoulder problems should only do hot yoga with their doctor's permission or under a certified yoga instructor. Make sure that you are replenishing your body after hot yoga properly with 18 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, and only 3 grams found in Promax Lower Sugar. Sources: https://classpass.com/blog/2016/07/14/all-about-hot-yoga/
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