Protein Bars vs. Shakes: Which to Choose?

When it comes to protein intake, it may be challenging at times to hit your daily protein needs, especially if you are strength training and your protein needs increase in order to build muscle. One of the most popular solutions to finding quick and easy protein is incorporating a protein bar or protein shake to supplement your meals eaten throughout the day. Adding in a bar or a shake will give you the flexibility you need to increase your protein with an often portable, shelf-stable solution. However, this raises the question: which should you choose? Outlined below are the benefits to choosing one option over the other, to help you make the best decision based on what works for you!

Pros to Choosing Protein Bars

  • Helps keep you satiated between meals by often providing both fiber and volume, which are keys to keeping you fuller, longer.
  • Bars, such as Promax Protein Bars, are typically more balanced in macronutrients, providing protein, carbohydrates, and fats to serve as a well-rounded snack option.
  • An easy grab-and-go solution that requires little to no planning and preparation. They can be enjoyed while working, traveling, hiking, etc. with minimal effort!
  • May be more satisfying when refueling after an intense workout as your body begins the process of breaking down food for energy.
  • No barriers to consumption such as temperature, access to a water source, etc.

Pros to Choosing Protein Shakes

  • An easy to consume beverage in settings which eating food may be prohibited, such as in some professional work environments.
  • Lighter on the stomach when it comes to digestion, thus is an excellent choice for a perfect pre-workout protein option.
  • Typically, the more cost-effective option when measured per serving.
  • Provides your body with an extra dose of hydration, which is especially beneficial after high intensity workouts in which you are sweating profusely.
  • Often produced with minimal ingredients, many protein powders are free of many of the top allergens, particularly those which are basic whey or plant-based proteins.
Overall, as a general rule of thumb to keep in mind, it is often more beneficial to eat your calories, rather than to drink them! This will ensure you stay satiated between meals, by choosing an option containing protein, fiber, and volume to keep you full. Whichever option you choose, both are excellent choices to supplement your meals and boost your overall protein intake throughout the day!
About the Author:
Joannah Konecny, RD is a New Jersey based Registered Dietitian and business owner of Jo's Foods that Fit, LLC. Her mission is to guide individuals toward better nutrition by improving both their lifestyle habits and their mindset. Through this, she helps clients increase their confidence and love their bodies. Joannah has a passion for discovering new food products and developing healthy recipes with them! You can follow her journey on Instagram or on her website.
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